LoOk 98.

VIOLATOR is proud to announce the New releases of its prêt-à-porter collection: budget Chic!

This collection was designed with the intention of offering you something that can be part of your every day wardrobe, at an affordable price with all the luxury that comes with the VIOLATOR brand!

▬▶ Delice : 450 L

Partial Mesh with exclusive detailing in deep rich colors, a reinterpretation of japanese fabrics patterns with western touch featuring a mesh jacket, a mesh miniskirt, shoulder pads, hat and prims embellishments


VIOLATOR PretaPorter-Delice-Blue Silver



|Dress|    VIOLATOR PretaPorter-Delice-Blue Silver

|Boots|    Baiastice_Avani high boots-leather-blue





SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair is coming and to thank all of you we are preparing the « Tiger Alley », a decorated alley that will work as further market area,

Call to designers (fashion, toys, furnitures, landscaping designers and artists) :

For this application no fee will be asked for you to sign in and the theme is pretty fun!!!
…so what are you waiting for?!
Rules & Link

– create 1 item inspired to the SAVIAD white Tiger, it can be anything out of your imagination, have fun with it!

– the price for the item needs to be in a range between 50 – 300 L$

– you will have a vendor assigned to your brand with a split script where the 15% of the sale will go to SAVIAD resident

– in order to apply and be in contact with SAVIAD managment for furter communications and assistance fill the form in all its part, incomplete applications will be automatically discarded
** no restrictions in the kind of item you want to present, it may be appareal, accessories, furniture, artistic pieces, toys etc. **

Check the link below for rules and links


**Please contact Natzuka Miliandrovic for further informations*



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